Plan Before You Spend

 Fail to Plan then you Plan to Fail    

Pre-planning so you know the cost up front before ever spending a dime to develop your Ideas.


We think in terms of Value To the Table.  When we listen to your presentation one question we will ask ourselves is can we bring value to your project.

Research Your Idea

Common Mistake to Avoid

Basic Research saves you time and money before taking the next step. 


Working the Problem

Design tested before you go to the Prototype Stage.


Touch your Idea 

This step alone can save you $10,000 to $100,000 in the Short Run.  You have to be able to Touch your Idea to make sure all parts are working as designed before you ever cut Steel for Molding.

Test Market to Sales

   Be Smart Test First

Limited Tests before launching any Sales and Marketing Campaign thereby limiting your risk.